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Campus Champions

Student Voices for Refugees (SVR) is a "super-network" of student leaders within the University Alliance for Refugees & At-Risk Migrants. SVR wishes to create an inclusive higher education community where refugees residing in the US and overseas are empowered to access, succeed, and thrive in higher education. In June 2021, we launched a toolkit to guide higher education institutions in supporting this mission.


The Campus Champion is a student, staff or faculty member, or group at a U.S.-based higher education institution with a passion for fostering a campus environment that is inclusive and welcoming to those with displacement backgrounds (refugees, asylum seekers). Acknowledging that every campus is uniquely positioned to support this goal, the Campus Champion will map all current efforts being done in this area, work alongside existing initiatives, and serve as a connector within and between campuses. Many fantastic campus initiatives remain unaware of what others are doing. The Campus Champion brings themself and their campus into a national network to enhance collaboration and strengthen initiatives to support those with displacement backgrounds. While they will receive support from the SVR network, ultimately, the Campus Champion will guide their college or university to welcome refugees and asylum seekers according to its own timeline, capacity, and interest.  


The Role:

  • Complete the SVR mapping activity of campus and surrounding community for thorough comprehension of all initiatives and interest in working with those in displacement.

  • Connect with relevant mapped campus groups and initiatives; make yourself and your role known.

  • Attend one-on-one meetings with consultants to be connected with a range of experts depending on the interests or needs of your campus.

  • Attend periodic Campus Champion conferences to connect with peers and professionals in these fields, and learn about progress on other campuses.

  • Complete asynchronous monthly Google Form check-ins; opportunity to be connected with others, receive support, and be published in SVR newsletter. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the SVR Toolkit; identify relevant take-aways for your campus.

  • Make relevant information from the Toolkit and from peer campuses available to your own campus. 

  • Mobilize student engagement in SVR through social media campaigns.

  • Opportunity for Campus Champion to engage in professional development opportunities and networking in line with interests. 


Complete the below interest form to get started.

Contact Christina Smith at with any questions.

Campus Champion Interest Form

If applying as a group, select one "contact person" to complete this form on the group's behalf.

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