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Who we are

We are a "super-network" of student leaders who represent various higher education institutions and organizations, all working together to support the15by30 target. We are primarily US-based umbrella network, but seek to learn and connect with students across borders, as well. Many of our student representatives come from refugee backgrounds themselves. 

Target audience

We are examining and raising visibility of initiatives that help both students domestically and overseas  attend and thrive in U.S. higher education.

Our Vision

We wish to create an inclusive higher education community where refugees residing in the US and overseas are empowered to access, succeed, and thrive in higher education. In addition to building an active community of learners and leaders who are eager to empower one another by sharing resources, knowledge, and information

Our Values

Diversity is at the heart or our network; we value having people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives, abilities, and interests working together toward the same purpose.


we believe that when we combine our knowledge and resources, we become stronger together.


The network offers equal opportunity for everyone despite race, ethnicity, gender, religion or national origin.

Equal Opportunity 

Scholarships &

Student led Fundraising

Awareness raising &



Mentorship Pipeline

Promoting post

graduation success.






Student organizations: we are welcoming any existing student organization on US campuses and abroad that support issues pertaining to refugees. We are aware that each organization might be providing extensive services, but we believe in the power of sharing knowledge and combining resources and effort for the greater good.

Individuals: To build this network, we are eager to see a student ambassador at every US university and college. The role of the student ambassador would be to mobilize existing initiatives on their campus and/or champion new ones based on existing models.


Any college student who is passionate about supporting students from refugee backgrounds in reaching their full potential is welcome


Thanks for submitting, we will contact you ASAP

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